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There was a time when applications were considered essentials only for personal operating systems. But technology has brought an evolution in the mobile phone industry, where our phones have gradually turned smart; letting us perform many operations at our palm which were hard to imagine a few decades ago.

Today smartphones have come a long way, each of them having an operating system inside them, and there’s no denying that Google’s Android is by far the most popular of among them all. Powered by Linux Kernel, the Android is open source, meaning phone manufacturers could modify and customize the operating system with respect to their phone models.

The Android OS isn’t just popular for its customizable and user-friendly interface. There are over one million latest apps for android phones available to download at the Google Play Store. All including, informative, communication, designing, games apps from several different categories online. These most popular android apps not only have provided us a lot of ease in our daily routine but surprisingly are turning out to profitable investment for our time and money.

Here we have the top 10 free android apps in 2018, which are available in Google play store, and could be downloaded for free.

  1. Citymapper

We have already seen many navigations iPhone apps in the android store; however, not all of them incorporate public transportation options into the recommended routes.  Citymapper is an all-in-one trip planner which is designed to assist commuters to plan their trip quickly and efficiently. The app gives the combination of different transport options to reach your destination. You could pick a combination of public buses, trains, cabs, private taxes, and or even walk down your destination. It’s a complete route guide which offers step-by-step directions and live transport updates.

  1. Google Trips

If you are in search of all-in-one travel assistant than Google trips is simply the right app for you. The app serves as a comprehensive travel guide for any individual who is really interested to explore a new place. From ticket reservations to plane tickets, the app provides personalized recommendations from the Google history for over popular cities around the world. The best thing is that it even works offline.

  1. Datally

Datally is an amazing free data management tool that assists you in saving up to 30% of your regular data. The app lets you see your usage on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis, meanwhile providing you recommendations to save your data. This smart data saving apps are available for all Android phones running 5.0 Lollipop or newer.

  1. Selfissimo

Just like the name says, selfissimo is designed while keeping the selfie addicts in mind. It is an auto selfie taking app which is programmed to take a snapshot whenever you strike a pose in front of your camera. Put the app on the photo shoot mode and it will take photos whenever you stop moving. The app lets you save all the photos together in a library for sharing or posting them on social media.

  1. Fabulous

It is a science-based app, designed to build healthy habits for body and mind. The app identifies your behavioral economics and then designing a step-by-step program to reset your habits in order to unlock your full potential. From simple goals, to help improve your concentration. Fabulous is a must have app for your everyday busy life.

  1. Memrise

This Google Play award-winning learning app uses a variety of tools to help teach you a language on the go. A number of languages including Japanese, Dutch, Spanish German, French, and others are taught with this super smart learning tech app. With 20,000 native speaker videos, and 200 courses full of rich content created by expert linguists. Memrise is simply a great language learning mobile app.

  1. Trusted Contacts

It is personal safety app which opens a direct line of sharing between you and loved ones. It is a similar version of the IOs Find my Friends app, which lets you share your location to your trusted contacts or see where they are. This smart safety app sends out your location automatically to your loved ones in a case of emergency.

  1. Signal

Signal is an encrypted communications application that encourages security-conscious mobile users to communicate with their friends and family in a safe way. It is an all-in-one messaging and voice call solution which offers encryption quite similar to military grade devices. You could easily send files, voice notes, images and as well as videos through signal.

  1. PhotoScan

If you want to capture that physical copy of those childhood memories on your phone than PhotoScan is just the right application for you. This app lets you digitized your old photos after scanning them through your camera. The app lets you save your image directly to your Google Photos so that you cherish those memories wherever you are around the world.

  1. Flud

It is one of the best torrenting apps out there on the Android market.  It offers a clean material interface and has no restriction on speed limits for uploads and downloads.  Features like sequential downloading support, selective file downloading, router port forwarding and others make it an advanced mobile torrenting app.

There you have the 10 best free android apps available on the Google Play Store right now. Download the ones which sound the most appealing to you.


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