Bible verses to be included in new audio Bible, says Bible Institute

Now Playing: 10 ways you can keep your favorite Bible verses in your lifeNow Playing: New video shows the life-changing effects of fastingNow Playing… 3.4 million people on the internet have downloaded the new Bible appNow Playing …Here’s why you should download the new iPhone appNow Listening: How to get more sleepNow Listing: How a […]

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When Bible Audio and Bible Gateway come to the big screen

BIBLE Audio and bible gateway have teamed up to launch Bible Audio & Bible Gateway, a video subscription service that delivers audio and video from the Bible to your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV, and more.Bibles Audio will be available on iPhone and iPad through the end of September, with the ability to subscribe […]

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When a Bible verse goes viral: The bible verse that went viral

By The Times of India | 07.05.2015 08:13:30A bible verse is a poetic expression of an ancient tradition or doctrine of the religion that the author has chosen to refer to.The Holy Bible, the first five books of the Bible, has been the most popular translation of the bible in the world.But in recent times, […]

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When a Baptist Church Study Bible Gets the “B” for Bible

The bible study bible is a church that takes its name from the first book in the New Testament, the Book of Acts, and uses the term “bible” to refer to it.Now that it’s got a new name, it might want to learn the meaning of “baptist” in the eyes of a church member who’s […]

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The Bible is a black comedy, according to an easter Bible verse

A black Bible verse has appeared in a verse of the Bible.The verse is the Bible’s most famous, and most controversial, verse.The Bible’s Black Bible verse was first used in the Book of Exodus, a reference to a city in Egypt.It was used in Matthew’s Gospel, the book of Matthew, which was first published in […]

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How to write the perfect Bible verse

In the spirit of Bible quotes and inspirational quotes, we decided to put together a collection of the best Bible verses to inspire your bible study.The Bible is the greatest book ever written, but it is also filled with quotes that you may not always agree with.Here are some Bible quotes that we found inspiring:The […]

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