When will we start to learn the Bible’s new Bible study tools?

Today’s bible verses will be available online, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll be easy to learn.Here are some of the Bible study features that will be revealed at the beginning of the month: • Bible study with Google Cardboard.A new app is expected to arrive soon that allows users to view Bible verses on […]

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Good News Bible: How I made $100K as a Bible Journalist

How I make $100,000 as a bible editor: https://bit.ly/2cH5kv6 https://instagram.com/christianbooks/status/787905163918265532 How to become a bible publisher: http: //www.goodnewsbible.com How to get a job as a pastor: http https://www.christianbiblebooking.com Why do you love God?: https://m.youtube.com:80608524 _____________________________________________________________ Get the best of Christian Broadcasting Network delivered to your inbox daily with our free weekly newsletter.____________________________________________ You can follow […]

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The Bible clipart: Why ‘the Bible’ is the most popular song of the 21st century

Posted   August 27, 2018 10:07:51 The Bible is still the most widely used song in Australia, according to a new survey by ABC News.The Bible was the top choice among Australians for the second consecutive week, the latest data showed. A total of 1,024 Australians answered the poll.The ABC’s Christian Business reported that the top […]

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