How Lucifer Bible story, kids bible, &c. changed my life for the better

What I learned in reading the Lucifer Bible.1.God is a child of light.The Bible is the word of God.2.Lucifer is God.3.Lucifer loves God.4.Lucifer hates God.5.Lucifer will bring about the end of all things.6.Lucifer was the first.7.Lucifer came from the future to destroy the past.8.The Book of Lucifer is the true word of the Almighty.9.Lucifer’s mother […]

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Why the church is ‘finally’ telling the truth about its controversial history

Now Playing: ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ author reveals how he changed his mind on the franchise Now Playing ‘Frozen’ sequel: Are the actors who starred in ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ actually gay?Now Playing What we learned about the first movie in the ‘Fantasy Beasts’ trilogy Now Playing The trailer for Disney’s ‘Beauty […]

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When Jesus was just a baby, it was hard to believe in him, but now it’s easier to understand what’s really going on with the bible

It’s hard to remember how much of the Bible was actually written before the Christian faith took hold.It’s also hard to think about it without thinking about the fact that the book is filled with so many of the same contradictions and contradictions that have always plagued Christianity.But the more we look into the Bible, […]

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When will we start to learn the Bible’s new Bible study tools?

Today’s bible verses will be available online, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll be easy to learn.Here are some of the Bible study features that will be revealed at the beginning of the month: • Bible study with Google Cardboard.A new app is expected to arrive soon that allows users to view Bible verses on […]

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Jefferson Bible, a Free Online Bible, Is Coming Out September 11

The Jefferson Book of Mormon is coming out September 11, 2016.The official announcement is not yet official, but you can sign up to receive email alerts on the official LDS website, as well as the LDS Newsletters, and on Facebook.The announcement was made today in the Church’s online newsletter and on Twitter.The Jefferson book, as […]

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