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In December 2016, the IEEE Computer Society (IEEE-CS)  released its technology predictions for 2017, with a focus on industrial IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive computing, 5G, accelerators, and others on the front line of computing breakthroughs. Today the IEEE-CS graded its 2017 predictions while providing key insights on the direction of each trend.

“The past year has seen dramatic adoption of deep learning and rapid introduction of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies,” said Dejan Milojicic, IEEE-CS past president. “We have not seen such innovation dynamics in a long time, all setting the stage for an even more promising 2018.”

Following are the IEEE-CS predictions, grades, and analysis:

  1.  Industrial IoT:  B+
    Of all IoT efforts, industrial IoT gained the most credible advances over the past year. The reason for the B+ grade is that it has not yet reached our expectations for broad adoption.
  2. Self-driving cars: B-
    Self-driving cars continued to improve, but wide adoption is still hampered by legal, ethical, and, to the least extent, technological advances. This resulted in a lot of negative press. It did, however, help with assisted driving.
  3.  Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), cognitive computing:  A+
    Deep learning in many technology areas contributed most to adoption, hence the A+ grade. It is starting to be utilized in many other technologies, including at the edge of the network and in data centers, and is paving the way to broader adoption of AI and ML.

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