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Samsung Gear Watch S3 is a bigger and bolder smartwatch launched by Samsung. With the cost price of INR37,319, it is a timepiece that has features like GPS, water resistance, heart rate tracker, NFC, altimeter, activity monitor and may have LTE as well. Let’s take a look at how good the designing of the watch has been done.

Design Of Samsung Gear Watch S3:

Samsung Gear Watch S3

The size of the screen is 1.3 inches, with the resolution of 360 X 360. Samsung Gear Watch S3 comes with a RAM of 768 MB and a storage space of 4 GB. It’s weight is 59 grams only, but it still feels a bit heavy because of its built. The type of the touchscreen used in the watch is Super Amoled with a metal frame and the dimensions of it are 49 mm x 46 mm x 12.9 mm. It comes with an Tizen operating system and Exynos 7270 processor.

It has a rotating bezel, which is very handy. Bezel is the part that will be used for navigation, which is an exclusive feature of Samsung’s latest watches. The buttons are very conveniently placed. The watch might seem slightly bigger on a wrist. It is water and dust resistant. You can choose available Tata Cliq Coupons Offers Online to make ordering at best rates.

S3’s important feature is that it will be compatible not only with latest Samsung phones, but also with android ones having at least 4.4 version of OS and a RAM of over 1.5 GB. It will also be compatible with iOS 9 or latest models of iPhone. So, a diverse compatibility with recent phones despite of their brands gives it a better functionality and wider spectrum.

The watch is available as two models, classic and frontier. Frontier model is especially designed for fitness tracking and is heavier. There has been a price drop, which has made the watch a far better choice. The dial can be twisted to right and left and you can scroll through selected apps and screens. There seems no confirm button and whenever you wish to launch some app, you will have to tap on the touchscreen. The two buttons are on either sides, one will open home screen when pressed and the other is the back button. It might take some time to memorize which button does what. It has a monitor for heart rate and fitness and it works all day tracking your heart beat even at rest.

The box of the watch will come with a leather strap, which is stiff initially but will become flexible as you wear it. The strap is to be connected with a pin given, that is a 22 mm standard pin that looks like a sword. Changing straps will be a tricky job.

Networking Connections:

Networking ConnectionsSamsung Gear Watch S3 will automatically connect to the WiFi connection of your home. It can switch from WiFi to Bluetooth and stay connected to give information. Moreover, you can change tracks, when listening to music, using your watch only. Sometimes the watch might get disconnected and needs to be connected using Bluetooth again. You can transfer songs too and listen with Bluetooth or using its internal speakers, which are pretty good, considering the size of it. The bezel of the watch is the best thing it has.

Power Of Battery:

Power Of Battery

Samsung Gear Watch S3 has a battery of 380 mAh. You can make it last for days and if you don’t use GPS, it will last longer. With a single charge, you will be able to use the watch for around three days. Wireless fast charging is available and that makes it convenient. The watch will display the time remaining as well. There is a low power mode in the watch. The display becomes limited and monochromatic to save battery. If you willing to explore some of more latest gadgets online then you can explore available AliExpress Offers today which will give best rates for all leading electronics items.


One issue that needs working is that the watch lacks plenty of apps. That’s one limitation with Samsung Gear Watch S3. For those who have Samsung phones and would like a big device on their wrist for a change and convenient lifestyle should go for it. The sleep tracking and other tracking features aren’t very accurate and some people might not prefer wearing a huge wrist watch. It’s not a very recommended watch yet and many modifications are required. Competition in smart watches is increasing day by day with better and better features. Samsung Gear S3 still lacks a diverse ecosystem but its bezel working is great.


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