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Everyone has at least one indispensable app on their phone. You know the one; that app you use every day and can’t imagine how you could ever do without. Maybe it’s a productivity app that keeps your life in order, or the social network you use to connect with friends, colleagues, and family. It could even be an engrossing game that you’ve spent more hours playing than you would ever actually admit.

Whatever it is, one of the most likely reasons you love that app so much is that it is well-designed, stable, optimized properly, and gives you a fantastic experience.

Google today announced the newest batch of games and apps to be added to its Android Excellence list. The category was introduced to the Google Play store in June, featuring apps that raise the bar in how they treat the user experience and function. Sales and installs are not a factor here; the qualifications are strictly focused on design and usability. Some entries made complete sense, like the Airbnb app. Others were surprising, like the Blink Health Low Rx Prices app, which currently sits at only 100,000 installs. For complete info Click here.


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