Book of Revelation – The Bible verses images

Image Source: Wikipedia The book of Revelation contains the prophecies of God concerning His kingdom.It also contains the word “bible”.The Bible is a book of divinely inspired scripture that is meant to be the supreme guide of mankind.The Bible contains the words of God, and the writings of God.It is also the source of the […]

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Which Bible verses do you need to read for your bible reading plans?

Bible verses to study for bible reading are important for a number of reasons.These are listed below.1.The bible is the perfect tool for teaching the Bible.It is one of the few books that can help us understand how God speaks to us and how we should respond to His call.2.The Bible is the ultimate work […]

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How to use the Bible definition online

For the uninitiated, the Bible Definition online allows you to search for the definition of the word bible in your favorite dictionary.It also allows you create a Bible Dictionary with your favorite words to search your dictionary.The definition is available to use online in any language and with any search engine.There’s also an English translation.If […]

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Bible app lets you read the Bible in the comfort of your own home

The Bible app is getting an update to allow Bible users to read the text online and at home.The Bible app has been downloaded more than 10 million times.Bible College, an evangelical Christian school, announced Thursday that it will be adding Bible reading plans to its app.The plans allow students to pick which Bible readings […]

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Bible Gateway: What to know about the bible verses that are in the bible

The Bible is a collection of books written by God, and the Bible has thousands of verses.But it’s not a list of every possible translation or adaptation.It’s a collection containing words and phrases that are actually in the Bible, written by people who knew and loved God, in the hope that he would give them […]

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