How to watch the Crystalline Bible, the Bible that has brought God to the Earth

The Crystallite Bible, published in the 19th century, has the power to bring God to Earth.And as it turns out, it can do so without a single word being spoken by humans.We’re going to watch it, to see if it’s worth our time.The Crystals Bible, like the Bible itself, is a book of divine wisdom.But […]

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How to win a $1 million lottery story

More than 500 people were involved in a lottery story this week, including celebrities like Bruce Springsteen and Bill Murray.The story told by the winner of the $1.1 million Lotto Jackpot was a story of redemption and redemption, according to the Associated Press.The AP reported the story was part of a larger Lotto Joke contest.The […]

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When the King Says “Blessed are those who drink the poisoned wine” – the seventh seal Bible study guide

In the eighth century, the King of Babylon conquered the Persian Empire.He proclaimed a new law of kings and ruled for forty years, which forbade the use of poisonwood for medicinal purposes.However, he also forbade its use for religious ceremonies.The king would then offer the medicine to all his subjects, who would partake of the […]

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When a Bible Study Bible Study Guide was written, it was never meant to be used

It’s a bit like a bad dream, you have a Bible study bible on your bedside table, but you never remember reading it in class.But then you open it up and read the verses of the Bible and your brain turns into a giant brain, and you are suddenly transported back to the first day […]

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What you need to know about the latest study of the Bible and the Bible Study Bible

It is not the first time that a study Bible has been used as an excuse for religious bias.The Bible Study Study Bible, a bible study course that was offered in the 1950s, was criticized by the ACLU of Florida for teaching that a woman can be raped by her husband because she “made love” […]

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