What’s the bible?

What is the bible?, Samson Bible, 1st edition, edition published by John Knox, London, 1616, p. 5, ISBN 0-521-24054-4 (pbk), ISBN 978-0-5221-24057-2 (pb), ISBN 9780949263034, Price $2.99, Cover price $14.95, Hardcover price $24.95 ISBN 9780849263432, ISBN 978049263513, Price US$17.99.Samson, the second son of Cain, and his brother Samson were sons of God, and God sent […]

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Good News Bible: How I made $100K as a Bible Journalist

How I make $100,000 as a bible editor: http://bit.ly/2cH5kv6 http://instagram.com/christianbooks/status/787905163918265532 How to become a bible publisher: http: //www.goodnewsbible.com How to get a job as a pastor: http http://www.christianbiblebooking.com Why do you love God?: http://m.youtube.com:80608524 _____________________________________________________________ Get the best of Christian Broadcasting Network delivered to your inbox daily with our free weekly newsletter.____________________________________________ You can follow […]

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A Bible study group for the Bible’s 1 billion readers begins at Yale

On Sunday, April 12, the Yale University Bible Center’s “Reading Bible” class will begin in the basement of Yale’s Trinity Episcopal Church, and will offer a guided Bible study course that is meant to be an opportunity for students to engage in “deep Bible study,” the church’s president said in a statement.The first class of […]

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How to Use Bible verses in Moody Bible Institute

Moody Bibles are a new way to learn the Bible through Bible translations.The company is based in New York City and provides Bible reading apps to more than 200 countries around the world.The Moody app is designed to be easy to learn for students of all ages, and also includes an interactive bible search feature.“We’ve […]

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How to interpret the bible verses in this uplifting bible verse

I’ve been reading the Bible and Bible verses on a daily basis for the last two years. I’ve started to notice some Bible verses that are uplifting and encouraging.And the Bible is not just uplifting verses.I’ve also been reading some Bible verse that is depressing and even tragic.It’s important to know that the Bible, like any […]

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WATCH: Watch a new documentary about Jeremiah Bible, narrated by James Brown

By JASON BECKMANAssociated PressThe latest installment of a series about J.B. Craig’s book of inspirational Bible verses and motivational bible verses features James Brown singing a Jerephial Bible verse to a video of a baby crying, which Craig has said has been the inspiration for the song.The movie was directed by James Miller, a producer […]

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