How Lucifer Bible story, kids bible, &c. changed my life for the better

What I learned in reading the Lucifer Bible.1.

God is a child of light.

The Bible is the word of God.2.

Lucifer is God.3.

Lucifer loves God.4.

Lucifer hates God.5.

Lucifer will bring about the end of all things.6.

Lucifer was the first.7.

Lucifer came from the future to destroy the past.8.

The Book of Lucifer is the true word of the Almighty.9.

Lucifer’s mother was the virgin birth mother of Jesus.10.

Lucifer has the power of the air and the light of the sun.11.

Lucifer, as the first to do good, has the key to the kingdom.12.

Lucifer also has the ability to heal.13.

Lucifer may not be a demon, but he is an angel.14.

Lucifer can speak through his voice, speak with angels, and even take their souls.15.

Lucifer does not know the past nor the future.

He knows only what is here and now.16.

Lucifer always has a plan, so he doesn’t need a prophet to tell him what to do.17.

Lucifer cannot die, but can be resurrected by another being.18.

Lucifer possesses an unlimited number of powers.19.

Lucifer appears in a different form every time the Bible is read.20.

Lucifer speaks to us through dreams, visions, and images.21.

Lucifer appeared in this book as a young boy.22.

Lucifer became a young man in the afterlife.23.

Lucifer never got married.24.

Lucifer used his gifts to get rich.25.

Lucifer gave his life to God and the world.26.

Lucifer did good in the past and is now good.27.

Lucifer took his wife and two daughters to Heaven.28.

Lucifer saved people and made their lives better.29.

Lucifer helped a boy get a job.30.

Lucifer healed a woman.31.

Lucifer visited a sick woman.32.

Lucifer died for a friend who was in trouble.33.

Lucifer lives for eternity.34.

Lucifer lived for five years in heaven.35.

Lucifer went to heaven.36.

Lucifer made the stars in his dreams.37.

Lucifer saw angels when he was a child.38.

Lucifer read the Bible from memory.39.

Lucifer believed he was the only one in the universe.40.

Lucifer lost his eyesight.41.

Lucifer had a dream of dying.42.

Lucifer knew that God loved him.43.

Lucifer killed an innocent child and then tried to kill another.44.

Lucifer tried to take over the world, but failed.45.

Lucifer said God was jealous of him.46.

Lucifer told his mother to give him a new name.47.

Lucifer tricked the people of Heaven into believing he was God.48.

Lucifer destroyed a church in heaven and took the keys.49.

Lucifer promised God a great feast.50.

Lucifer deceived God in the future, but didn’t succeed.51.

Lucifer changed the past to suit his own purposes.52.

Lucifer lied about his age to gain a better understanding of his powers.53.

Lucifer stole a woman’s life.54.

Lucifer betrayed God and killed a man.55.

Lucifer broke God’s covenant with the church.56.

Lucifer ruined God’s life and destroyed Heaven.57.

Lucifer married his father, who had a daughter.58.

Lucifer committed suicide.59.

Lucifer and his family are now saints.60.

Lucifer kills the angels that are watching over the children.61.

Lucifer takes over Heaven and kills the dead.62.

Lucifer brings the dead back to life.63.

Lucifer travels through the earth, bringing back the dead to life so he can destroy God.64.

Lucifer fights God in Heaven.65.

Lucifer goes to Hell and defeats the angels there.66.

Lucifer defeats God in Hell.67.

Lucifer dies at the gates of Heaven.68.

Lucifer gets the keys to Heaven and destroys God.69.

Lucifer turns the dead into living children.70.

Lucifer wins over the dead in Heaven by giving them the ability not to die.71.

Lucifer saves the dead from hell.72.

Lucifer gives the keys back to the angels.73.

Lucifer creates a new God in his own image.74.

Lucifer becomes the new God.75.

Lucifer destroys Hell and becomes the next God.76.

Lucifer transforms the dead and brings the living back to Heaven again.77.

Lucifer shows the angel who is watching over us that we have God’s favor.78.

Lucifer comes to our rescue when he finds out that the dead are in danger.79.

Lucifer tells his mother that she must go back to her family and her son, who has the keys, is safe.80.

Lucifer helps a young girl get a new job.81.

Lucifer finds the truth behind Lucifer’s death.82.

Lucifer sees his mother for the first

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