Audio Bible Online: Bible Online and the Bible Online Bible podcast: The first online Bible for a mobile device!

Cepher Bible online is a Bible podcast.

This podcast focuses on the Bible as it is in its original Hebrew and Aramaic language.

It was created by a group of Christians who came together in the year 2020 to create the first online version of the Bible, known as the “Audio Bible.”

The podcast’s purpose was to be a Bible-free, non-denominational, digital Bible podcast that is accessible to anyone.

Since the beginning, we have provided podcasts and books that are not available on the Internet, so that people of all faiths can enjoy the Bible in its fullness and freedom.

The podcasts include: The Bible in Its Original Hebrew and the Aramaic Languages of the Hebrew Bible: This podcast is a compilation of all the translations of the Holy Scriptures available on audio devices worldwide.

The Audio Bible, which was first published in 2018, contains translations from the Bible of all Hebrew, Aramaic, and Coptic languages.

The audio Bible is available for free online in all languages.

This is a free audio Bible podcast!

The Hebrew Bible in Translation: This is the only audio Bible that contains the full text of the Old Testament of the New Testament.

The Hebrew language is the official language of Israel and the Holy Land.

The podcast contains translations of nearly 400 verses from the Old and New Testaments and over 150 other verses from different biblical texts.

This audio Bible has been translated into over 20 languages.

It is a complete, fully translated Bible of the original Hebrew.

The Greek New Testament: The Greek Bible, the Bible from which all of the translations are taken, is a translation of the entire Bible in the original Greek.

It contains all the Greek and Hebrew texts of the Greek New Testament.

The Podcast: A Podcast About the Bible: A podcast about the Bible.

Listen to this podcast and see how the Bible has changed over the years.

Learn more about our Podcasts

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