How to read baby Bible verses

This week, an Ohio couple who were searching for a “good” Bible verse found it when they spotted a photo of a baby Bible.

A couple found the Bible while searching for their son’s favorite Bible verse, but when they asked to use it, they discovered it had been removed.

“I was looking for a verse that was more positive,” said Matthew Lee, a pastor at The Good Shepherd Baptist Church in Westport, Ohio.

“It was so beautiful to look at, and I was like, ‘This is so amazing.'”

When the couple asked to print it, the church told them they were allowed to use the Bible as long as they used it as a reference.

Lee said that, because of the Bible’s content, people often don’t know the Bible has an inclusive language, like a child-friendly Bible.

“That was the big thing,” Lee said.

“When we found out that we could use it for reference, we were like, well, how cool is that?

But then the question came up, what if I wanted to put it in a book?

And then the Bible was removed.”

Lee said he and his wife, Stephanie, were surprised when they were told the church had taken down the Bible.

“We are so grateful,” Lee told ABC News.

“This was a beautiful little book that our kids enjoyed.”

Stephanie Lee said she was “shocked” and disappointed that the church removed the Bible from its shelves.

“It’s not like I would have been offended by it.

But we were really shocked,” she said.

Stephanie Lee told the Associated Press that the couple has been trying to contact the church for months to ask them to remove the Bible, but the church has not responded.

“I am still in shock.

I feel so ashamed,” Stephanie Lee, who is an assistant professor of Christian studies at the University of Akron, told the AP.

“There are some things in the Bible that you can’t even look at.”

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