Crystal Bible Church’s pastor, pastor of church of death dies

Crystal Bible Bible Church, a church in Kentucky, is under investigation for allegedly forcing its pastor to give a confession.

A former pastor of the church, Joseph H. McConkie, died in the hospital Wednesday.

McConnell, who had been the pastor for more than 40 years, has been charged with criminal mistreatment of a child and other charges, according to a report from the Louisville Courier-Journal.

The report did not identify McConkey’s church.

In addition to his criminal record, McConkies wife, Patricia, has served as the church’s pastor.

A spokesperson for the church told ABC News that McConky had died at 7:15 p.m. local time.

He was 69.

A representative for the Kentucky Attorney General’s office said the case was being handled by the FBI.

The FBI did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Crystal Bible’s website says McConley “has always believed in the sanctity of life, and he was committed to helping others find peace and forgiveness.

He taught his congregation and the world about God’s love for all mankind, including himself.”

The church, founded in 1891, has a long history of promoting the Bible as the only true book of scripture, and its website promotes its teachings with video and audio recordings of McConbie’s sermon, “The Gospel of the Holy Spirit.”

Crystal Bible has also been the subject of a lawsuit filed by the Kentucky Board of Ethics in 2014, alleging that the church violated the state’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which allows religious groups to cite religious freedom in a number of situations, including in cases involving discrimination.

Crystal and McConiek’s marriage ended in 2008, but the couple did not live together.

Crystal was reportedly a “spiritual mentor” to McConnieks younger daughter, Sarah, who was baptized in 2016.

Crystal reportedly wrote an autobiography in 2014 called “Love Is the Only Answer.”

The elder McConkee, who died of cancer in 2015, left a will for Sarah to be placed in a trust that is currently under federal and state investigation.

The Will, which is available for inspection, states that Sarah will have “full ownership and control” of the organization.

McCONKY’S PRIVATE LIFE Former pastor Crystal Bible church is under federal investigation for forcing its former pastor to confess to child abuse.

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