Church in Texas burned to the ground after Bible Baptists claim it is ‘anti-gay’

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (CFSM) has burned to its foundation after it claimed the scripture it uses as its official scripture is anti-gay.

The group said the scripture is in fact the word of God and the Bible was never intended to be interpreted in a homophobic manner.

CFSM spokesman Steve Sargent told the Houston Chronicle the church was “shocked” by the news.

“We had hoped that this had never happened and that we could never have a church that was so divisive and so out of step with the teachings of the church,” he said.

“This is the first time we have been in a position where this happened.”

The church, founded in Texas in the early 1990s, was originally led by a man who was jailed for two years for trying to convert a girl to Christianity.

It’s now split between members of the former cult and members of a church.

“Our primary mission is to serve the Lord in the way that He intended for us to serve Him,” Sargment said.

He said the church has a mission of “bringing the Gospel to the world” and that the “ultimate purpose” of the CFSMs church is “to spread the Gospel”.

The church has been at the center of controversy over its religious beliefs.

In 2012, CFSm was accused of having a large gay membership.

Its members are also reportedly opposed to same-sex marriage and the transgender community.

The CFSMM website is littered with images of the head of the cult holding a sign that says: “Love your gay brothers and sisters.”

In a blog post, the church defended its position on same-gender marriage and said it was “not the first to have this debate” and called the CDSM “a legitimate Christian group”.

But some critics have also called the group a “cult” and said the CTSM was “a movement” and a “dangerous cult”.

The Texas state board of education voted unanimously in 2013 to remove CFSs church from the school system, saying it had failed to provide “an educational environment that reflects the values of the Christian church”.

CFS members and supporters gathered in front of the new church in Houston to protest the decision, and some have been arrested.

The new church has since been removed from the Texas State Board of Education website.

CTS members were also the focus of an investigation by a state investigation team in 2014.

In January, the board removed the CTFM from the state’s curriculum.

In response to the controversy, the CFTM issued a statement that said the group was not affiliated with any religion and that its members were “an important part of the faith”.

“As a member of the Catholic Church and an evangelical Christian, I would never use a Bible or scripture that is not in agreement with the Word of God as scripture,” the statement read.

The organization has also been targeted by conservative Christians who claim it promotes “homosexual propaganda” and has ties to the Catholic church.

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