Why are so many Christians in Iowa so hostile to the Bible verse?

A week after the presidential election, the Iowa state house passed a controversial religious freedom bill that critics said was meant to prevent the state from enforcing its anti-discrimination laws against same-sex couples.

The bill was signed into law by Gov.

Terry Branstad.

Critics have said the bill is unconstitutional and unconstitutionalist, which means it violates the First Amendment.

The law, which goes into effect on March 31, says that religious liberty is a “basic right,” and that the law does not protect individuals or businesses from discrimination.

The Iowa Civil Rights Commission is currently reviewing the law and the bill, and its interpretation.

Critics of the bill said it will allow churches and other entities to discriminate against LGBT people.

In the video below, you can hear some of the most vehement anti-LGBT comments you will see on the Iowa Statehouse floor.

The Republican Party of Iowa endorsed Branstad for president, saying in a statement that “he is the best person to lead our party on this critical issue.”

But the state party’s president, Mike Phelan, told the Des Moines Register he is not a fan of the religious freedom law and “doesn’t believe in discrimination against anyone based on their sexual orientation.”

Phelans statement came on the same day the Iowa Civil Liberties Union announced it will challenge the law.

“I think it’s very dangerous,” Phelas said.

“It’s not about discrimination at all.

In the Iowa legislature, the religious liberty bill passed the House by a vote of 24-11. “

We are not going to let the rhetoric and the rhetoric of the politicians get in the way of protecting religious liberty and we want to protect that.”

In the Iowa legislature, the religious liberty bill passed the House by a vote of 24-11.

The Senate passed the bill by a 21-11 vote.

A religious liberty law was one of the topics of discussion during the Iowa caucuses.

“Our goal is to pass this law in order to protect the right of religious organizations and individual pastors to continue to operate in Iowa,” said Sen. Mike Callton, R-Cedar Rapids, who co-sponsored the bill.

He said the law will protect Iowaans’ right to freely practice their religion, and that it is not aimed at forcing anyone to do anything.

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act is currently being debated in the Iowa Senate, where it is expected to pass.

Iowa Attorney General Mark Keeton has said the Iowa law is not about religion.

He told reporters he would be defending the law in court.

But many lawmakers have called the law unconstitutional and discriminatory, arguing that it gives the state the power to enforce its religious liberty protections and force businesses and individuals to treat gays and lesbians differently.

“When we’re dealing with an issue that is so deeply ingrained in the culture, the way we treat the other group of people, it’s so embedded in our society that it can’t be touched in any way,” said Republican Sen. Jeff Miller, who sponsored the religious rights bill.

In an interview with the Deseret News, Miller said that his bill is a step in the right direction, but that it will require a lot of political will and pressure from the state.

“To get to that point, I think, the pressure needs to come from all of the citizens of Iowa,” Miller said.

The state senator said he is worried about how the religious liberties bill will be interpreted in other states and how it will affect other businesses and businesses across the country.

“What it will do is make it difficult for businesses in other places to do business and for employers to do jobs, which is really bad for businesses,” Miller told the paper.

Miller said he also thinks that the religious-liberty law will lead to a backlash by conservatives in Iowa.

“Iowa is not going away, Iowa is not gonna go away,” Miller added.

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