What’s the difference between a version and a version 2?

Ars Technic article Version 2 of the bible is now available for download from the website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, according to a church official.

The announcement was made by church officials at the church’s general conference on Sunday.

The church previously announced that the Book of Mormon was “coming soon” and that it would be released sometime in 2018.

We asked if the version 2 of The Book of Abraham was a new version, or if it was an updated version of the version 1 that was released earlier this year.

We got the same answer.

The new version is called The Book, and it is available on the LDS website as a download from its website, along with a video of the new version in action.

It also includes a short intro video that is part of the introduction.

In the video, we see the author of the old version of The Bible, who is described as an “educated man.”

In the new video, he is shown as a middle-aged man with a shaved head and a beard, wearing a white shirt and khakis, and is walking in the desert.

The narrator, who goes by “Father,” says that he has “written down the history of this land for generations.”

The narrator is shown with the Bible, a copy of which is also shown with a caption that reads, “This is the Book.”

The video is followed by an introduction that says, “The Book of God is a record of the word of God and is not a guide to salvation.”

The new edition of The Mormon Bible is a collection of “notes” that includes the new and old versions of the Bible.

We contacted the LDS Church for more information on the new Bible, but did not hear back from them by press time.

The LDS Church has not commented on the news of the update.

This article was updated on August 22 to include comment from the LDS church.

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