Watch: Satanist ‘Satanist’ jailed over child porn investigation

A convicted Satanist has been jailed for six years after being convicted of sending indecent images of children to a friend and having them send them to a man he met online.John Henshaw was sentenced to a year in jail for one count of sending the child porn to his friend, who pleaded guilty to […]

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How to study the Bible for FREE on the web using the Bible study book gateway audio

A new podcast series by Bible Study Bible is bringing Bible study books to the internet.It’s called Bible Gateway, and it offers up the most comprehensive bible study book collection available to users in the modern era.In the podcast series, host Bill Nye, the founder of Science of Us, introduces the Bible Gateway podcast series […]

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How to avoid an ‘apocalypse’ with the Bible’s best-selling bible book

The bible is a book of truth.That is why we love it.But that’s not the case for everyone.We can all learn a lot from the Bible, including some that may not be the bible’s most popular.And here are five of those best-known books that we love, but which might not be right for you.1.The Bible […]

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Why are so many Christians in Iowa so hostile to the Bible verse?

A week after the presidential election, the Iowa state house passed a controversial religious freedom bill that critics said was meant to prevent the state from enforcing its anti-discrimination laws against same-sex couples.The bill was signed into law by Gov.Terry Branstad.Critics have said the bill is unconstitutional and unconstitutionalist, which means it violates the First […]

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How to create the world’s most comprehensive bible collection

The bible project has had an unusual, but largely positive, start.The group behind the project, called The Bible Project, has created an online collection of more than 3,000 ancient texts that it hopes will serve as a benchmark for how to interpret and interpret scripture.“We’re trying to take the bible from a book that was […]

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How to write a Christmas Bible quotes

The most famous quotes from the Bible don’t come from a single verse, and they all come from one place.That place is the Bible.The New York Times recently published a new article that highlights the many ways that Bible quotes have influenced the way we think about Christmas, and the way people treat each other.The […]

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