How to make a rainbow Bible

By JEFFREY FOGART and PAUL KITTY-GRAHAMThe Bible, which is based on the story of Noah, is often interpreted in ways that are offensive to LGBT people.

In one instance, the Bible was described as a “black bible” and an “anti-Christian bible” by a group of evangelical pastors.

But some Bible readers don’t believe that it is offensive to those with sexual orientation.

“It’s an idea that people have that the Bible is all about sexuality,” said Joanne MacKenzie, a professor of philosophy at the University of Melbourne and an expert in LGBTQ theology.

“If that’s the case, why would a Christian read a black Bible?”

I don’t think it’s homophobic at all.

It’s just a religious text.

“MacKenzie said the bible was not meant to be read as an attack on homosexuals.

Rather, the bible is a reflection of the Christian faith and was written for people who were not interested in the sexual orientation of others, she said.

The idea that the bible could be interpreted as an insult to gays is a “pretty big stretch”, she said, adding that the Christian bible is not an anti-gay text.”

The Bible is not homophobic.

But there is a lot of language in the bible that is anti-LGBTQ,” MacKenzies told the ABC.”

Some of the language is quite explicit, and you can see how some people would be offended by that.

“A recent survey commissioned by the Christian Fellowship found that only 7 per cent of Australians believed the bible’s depictions of homosexuality and transgender people were accurate.

The survey also found that the majority of people believed that LGBT people should be allowed to marry.”

Most people are not homophobic, but some people are,” MacKay said.”

A minority of people are.

I don’t know why people would believe that the gay community is somehow less human.

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