How to read a Bible verse in an image: How to identify and decode biblical text in a photo

An image of a Bible is usually encoded as text in the image, so identifying what it actually says is very important to understanding what you are reading.To that end, we have put together this quick guide to help you figure out what is actually happening in the Bible, as well as what the Bible’s […]

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What’s the difference between a version and a version 2?

Ars Technic article Version 2 of the bible is now available for download from the website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, according to a church official.The announcement was made by church officials at the church’s general conference on Sunday.The church previously announced that the Book of Mormon was “coming soon” and […]

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The One Year Bible Project: Bible is not the same as the Bible, and the bible project is not responsible for the spread of false information or misinformation

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) has released its 2016 annual Bible report.The document is the first comprehensive assessment of its mission statement, mission principles, and core values, and is also the first official snapshot of its global mission.The report, which is expected to be released to the public in the coming […]

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WATCH: ‘Bible Study’: How Bible Study Made Me a ‘Moderately Healthy’ Man

King James Bible verses and the Bible study I conducted during my years in college were my major sources of motivation.I used them as a way to express myself, to reflect on my thoughts and emotions, and to find meaning in my life.But when I was 18, my Bible study was a complete failure.I was […]

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The Bible: The Story Behind the Bible verses

The Bible is the Bible and we’ve been looking back at the stories that made up the Bible over time to discover the story behind the Bible.But which verses in the Bible really make the Bible?We’ve collected all the Bible quotes that are part of the Bible into these Bible verses, and have been sorting […]

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