Why we don’t have to be a Christian to love Jesus

Some people may be tempted to say that they believe in Jesus, but they aren’t necessarily Christians.

In fact, there are quite a few of us who believe in the deity of Jesus, as well as the teachings of the Bible.

The Bible itself is full of passages that encourage people to follow the teachings, but there are also some passages that suggest that people should not follow the Bible at all.

This isn’t just about religious freedom or personal beliefs, though; there are passages that can cause problems.

Some people say they want to be Christian, but not a Christian.

The Bible teaches that people need to have faith in the creator of the world.

There are also passages that show that we should be wary of the things we don�t believe in, like being married to someone we don?t love.

This article isn?t going to try to explain why people are attracted to a particular religion, but instead, it will tell you that there are plenty of reasons to believe in a particular version of Christianity.

If you are struggling with doubts about your religion or the way you believe in it, you can try asking people who are open about their religion, or even the teachings.

There is a great deal of confusion about the Bible, and it is really difficult to talk about a Christian faith without talking about a particular piece of the scripture.

It is a shame that we don??t talk about more important issues.

There?s a huge amount of confusion, so it is great that we?re talking about the bible.

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