Watch: ‘The Bible’ Bible app and iPhone app get a makeover

In what might be the most bizarre and bizarre revelation Bible fans have ever seen, the holy bible app and the iPhone app are being redesigned.

The Bible app has been redesigned to look a lot like the Holy Bible, with a new name, new logo, and the title “the Bible”.

It also has a new section called “What the Bible Says”.

But what does the Bible say?

Well, the app and its website don’t provide the answer.

“The Bible says” is a phrase from the New Testament that refers to the Bible’s contents.

It means that, in this context, a person reading a text would be looking at the contents of the text, not at its text.

“What the bible says” does not mean the text has been changed.

What does it mean?

The word “what” is also used in a number of other Bible-related phrases, such as, “what the Bible says”, and, “What you should do”.

The new app is the first of several changes to the bible app.

The Bible app will no longer allow users to view content on its website, and will now only show content on the Bible app’s homepage.

The iPhone app will also be renamed to the “The Bible App”, a name that will no doubt make it more difficult for people to differentiate it from the bible.

The new bible app has a brand new logoThe bible app’s new title will not only make it easier to differentiate the app from the Holy Bibles website, it will also make it much easier for people who have a problem understanding the text.

A lot of people have complained that the Bible apps lack the Bible, and many people are now questioning the usefulness of the bible apps, especially if you are new to the concept of reading the bible online.

But if you look closely at the new app’s website, the bible bible app will have a different name.

“Holy Bible App” means that you can now find a new app in the “What The Bible Says” section of the app.

This is a brand-new section that will give you access to content from the holy bibles website.

But it is unclear whether this section is still on the website, or whether it has been removed entirely.

It’s possible that the new bible bible is a new version of the holybible app, or a different app that uses a different logo.

But it’s also possible that it is a rebranding of a similar app that was launched in October.

We asked a spokesperson for the bible Bible app what the new name was all about, and we got this response:The name of the new Bible app is Holy Bible App, a re-branded version of a popular Bible app.

The spokesperson also said that the bible bibles app will continue to be available on the iPhone, and that the company will continue supporting the Bible bible app for a year after its rebrand.

What are your thoughts on the new holy bible bible?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Wired

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