The Bible clipart: Why ‘the Bible’ is the most popular song of the 21st century

Posted   August 27, 2018 10:07:51 The Bible is still the most widely used song in Australia, according to a new survey by ABC News.

The Bible was the top choice among Australians for the second consecutive week, the latest data showed. 

A total of 1,024 Australians answered the poll.

The ABC’s Christian Business reported that the top 10 song of 2017 was by Pete Best, the song which first started a wave of Bible protests.

However, this was followed by God Bless America featuring Alicia Keys and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and American Idiot featring Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

A spokesperson for the ABC said the survey was the first to look at which song Australians would listen to in 2017.

“It’s really interesting to see how the Bible has evolved from the Bible we knew it was before,” the spokesperson said.

“So it’s really good to see that the Bible is getting more popular, it’s becoming more mainstream.”

The survey also showed that the popularity of the Bible song has remained relatively stable for the last decade.

The top 10 most popular songs from 2017 include God bless America (1.2 million people), God Bless America 2 (1.1 million), American Idol (735,000), God Save the Queen (527,000) and God save the USA (488,000).

“God Save The USA” was the only song that increased in popularity from last year.

Despite the popularity, the poll showed that Australians continue to have a strong preference for a song written by another nation.

“Americans are also very likely to sing the song God bless America, which has been the top song of 2018 for at least a decade,” the ABC spokesperson said, adding that people in the US were also known to sing God bless the USA.

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