How to tattoo your bible

How to get your bible tattooed – How to read the bible article A tattoo artist in Japan says the first tattoo to be done is a tattoo of a cross on the forehead of Jesus.

Kawada Hiroaki, 28, has been tattooing his Bible tattoo since March 2016.

“I got the idea to tattoo it because I was bored by other tattoo artists,” he told the BBC.

“It is an ancient Christian symbol.

It is also an important symbol of Japan.”

Mr Hiroaki says the cross tattoo on his forehead is not symbolic of his faith but is simply a reflection of the Japanese cultural heritage.

“There are some religious symbols on our faces that are very strong and I have to say it was a good tattoo,” he said.

“We have a lot of people who are religious and who think that a cross is an important thing, but in reality it is not.”

The cross is a symbol of our culture and our religion.

“When we see a cross tattooed on a person, we feel very special.”

When we go to church or church services we feel like we belong there and it is important to show our faith.

“Mr Kawada said that as a Buddhist he does not want to offend anyone.”

As a Buddhist I do not want people to think I am going to offend anybody,” he explained.”

So I did not want the tattoo to have any meaning.

“Mr Hiroshi says he started his own tattoo business in 2010 and has worked on tattoos for a number of years.”

At first, I did a tattoo on my forearm and on my back and on the inside of my wrist,” he added.”

Then I got a tattoo that was on my chest and then a tattoo in my belly button.

“Mr Hirai says he has worked with the local tattoo parlour, and has also worked with a local tattoo artist.”

In my mind, I am doing it for my own artistic freedom,” he concluded.”

But people who have tattoos can see that I am just doing what I love.

“They are just making a statement of who I am.”

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