How Bible app gets users to buy their own Bible

News Corp has announced it will make the Bible app free to download, with the aim of bringing Bible reading to millions of people.

The news comes as News Corp prepares to release a version of the app for iPad and iPhone, as well as Android smartphones and tablets.

News Corp says the Bible App will be free to use on any device, but only on iOS devices, where it will be available on the Apple store.

It will also be free on Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV devices.

A Bible app for iPhones and iPads, the iPad app, is also planned.

According to the announcement, users will be able to browse and share Bible verses through a mobile app, and they will be prompted to buy the app through an in-app purchase.

The app will also have the ability to save Bible verses for offline viewing.

For example, users can watch a verse by watching a live broadcast of a Bible lesson on the news channel of a church, or they can watch it offline by using a phone or tablet app.

“The Bible App is designed to empower people to make meaningful connections between the Bible and their lives and that’s what we’re about,” News Corp CEO James Murdoch said in a statement.

‘I think we’re heading into a golden age’The app is being built by a team of journalists, editors, designers and other journalists from the News Corp newsrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

In a statement, Murdoch said the Bible “will be available to download for free on any iOS device, where we expect it to become the most popular app in the app store”.

“It will be one of the most influential apps for the next 100 years,” he said.

He said the team had been working on the app “for a long time”.

“It’s going to be a great, great app.

It’s a beautiful app, I think we are heading into an golden age.”

News Corp has been working with Bible App developers for about a year.

The company has been in talks with the Bible Bible Association about making the app free for users, but has so far been unable to come to an agreement.


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