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Since the launch of the Apple’s landmark iPhone X, the debate has been started that what special features this handset has that can make people pay a thousand dollars. Although the sales are not that high as it was for the previous models of the iPhone, but still we are having some mixed response from the people who have bought that brand new Apple’s handset.

However, the iPhone X has every feature that can make anyone to pay a thousand dollars to experience the most technically advanced smartphones. To make you realize about it too, in the next lines of this article, I am going to give you 15 reasons that why iPhone X is way ahead of other smartphone sets so you also start saving to buy that handset.

  1. The Most Durable Glass:

The Most Durable Glass

Instead of any metal or all old fashion plastic, the iPhone X has glass on both of the front and back. That is why everyone is calling the iPhone X all-glass design. But if you think that this could be a negative thing and this glass can get broken easily, then Apple has already given you the answer on that. The Apple claim that the glass that it has used in this handset is the most durable ever used on any smartphone and can stand to most of the routine knocks.

  1. Super Retina Display:

Super Retina Display

The iPhone X is the first Apple phone which has the OLED with the super retina display. The screen measures at the 5.8 inches diagonally and has a 458 PPI pixel density. Moreover, the display has 1,000,000:1 color ratio, which gives you the best possible color in a smartphone device. The screen of the iPhone X is also a true tone screen which means that instead of fixing your screen brightness in different lights, it gets fixed automatically and gives you the clearer view.

  1. Edge – Edge Display:

Edge Display

Apart from the small silver line on the top of the screen for the cameras, the front of the iPhone X is all screen but nothing else. It has a brilliant edge to edge display, which comprises of 5.8 inches diagonally, which is smaller, relatively than other mobile devices, especially the android ones, but the displays that this handset is offering is not possible to find anywhere at all.

  1. No Home Button:

No Home Button

This feature was on the cards. Instead of adding the home button, the Apple decided to add the gestures and movement to handle all the options which used to be controlled by the buttons. For example, if a user wants to go to the home screen, he or she has to swipe up from the bottom. Due to this, the Apple has enabled to stretch its screen to the bottom as well so it can give you additional space on the screen.

  1. Face ID:

Face ID

Not with any pattern, number or voice, the Apple’s iPhone X lets you unlock your mobile phone with your face. This technology is not new by the way, but the facial recognition technology that the Apple has used in its handset is up to the latest technology. The iPhone X facial recognition technology includes the infrared camera, flood illuminator, front camera, dot projector, proximity sensor and ambient light sensor to make you able to unlock your mobile even in dull lights. With the 30,000 invisible infrared dots, it analyzes every little detail of the face so you can get error-free face recognition lock.

  1. Animoji:


The animoji is the new phenomenon in the tech world that helps you to add your emotions in any emoji. This emoji feature helps you to turn your emotion into any of your favorite emoji like a panda. With the animoji, you can turn your facial gesture and anything you say into an emoji and could be sent to anyone.

  1. Cameras:


One thing that no one can beat the iPhones is its camera. The iPhone has been a history in adding some of the most technologically advanced cameras in mobile devices. But with the iPhone X, the Apple has taken a long step ahead of every other mobile phone brand. This smartphone has the new dual-lens camera system on the back of it which can deliver you the same result as any top professional DSLR camera can. It is also the only second mobile phone in the world which has the dual optical image stabilization. This camera is a 12-megapixel sensor, but with the effects like portrait image, improved color reproduction, and noise-reducing features, the iPhone X is undoubtedly the best camera phone in the world at the moment.

  1. Longer Battery:


With all these features, you must have thought about the time that this phone could run without getting charged again. If it is true, then let me tell you the claim that the Apple’s CEO made at the launch of his new product. The Apple’s CEO claimed that the battery life of the new iPhone X is 2 hours longer than the iPhone 7. It means you can enjoy more and better features of Apple for longer than ever time.

  1. New Portrait Mode:

New Portrait Mode

It is important to discuss the new portrait mode of the iPhone camera in detail because it is something which has never happened before in the smartphone’s history. This is a highly advanced lighting feature that lets you add the lighting effects to your portrait made shots. The amazing part is, this feature is available for both the front and back cameras and you can also enjoy the most demanded depth effects in the front camera too.

  1. No Wires:

No Wires

The craze of the wireless handsfree hasn’t been set, but the iPhone has come up with another wireless feature. Now you don’t need any sort of wires to charge your device. The Apple is also offering a charging mat which has the ability to charge not only your new iPhone X but also the iWatch and the AirPods too. This phenomenon is called the Qi wireless charging system that lets you charge your devices without connecting them to any wire directly from the device’s body.

  1. A11 Bionic Chipset:

A11 Bionic Chipset

The speed and performance of the iPhone X is due to its 64 bits and 6 cores with the newly designed GPU and new ISP. This mobile phone is a beast setting the new benchmark for the upcoming handsets of every brand in speed and performance.

  1. Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality

After the fame of the Pokemon Guru game, the Apple has decided to take the mobile augmented reality to another level. The iPhone X dual camera and the new iOS 11 supported, augmented reality is enhancing the experience of the AR technology. The former look of the augmented reality in a mobile was only limited to people posting their pictures of wearing the crown of flowers or puppy’s nose and eyes. But with the AR technology of the iPhone X, you can do some bigger things as shown in the introductory video of the iPhone X.

  1. Facial Recognition Apple Pay:

Facial Recognition Apple

The facial recognition technology of the iPhone X is now not limited to unlocking your handset. Now you can also use your face just like your fingerprints to use the services of the Apple Pay. By simply glancing on the iPhone X, you can make your transaction much easier than before.

  1. The X is silent:

X is silent

It is a debate on the internet too, that either this handset is pronounced with the X or ten. There have been no official words from the Apple but the new phone got pronounced by the Apple’s executives on the launching stage as the “Ten” instead of “X” then it is better we use it too.

  1. In Two Colors:

Iphone x In Two Colors

Because it has so many things to offer, the Apple has kept its landmarked product in only two colors which silver and space gray.


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